Zak Bagans Haunted Museum | Las Vegas, Nevada

Zak Bagans Haunted Museum | Las Vegas, Nevada

Sometimes a spontaneous vacation is the best. We ended up in Las Vegas, Nevada and decided it was our responsibility to check it out! Sunday evening just before our 6 hour drive home we made a last minute stop to Zak Bagans museum. Expecting there to be some good activity after reading the reviews online we were obviously excited! After all, this is the guy that has the Dibbuk box in his possession. Parking was a little more difficult that one would expect and we had to find the parking lot around the back, finally we made our way to the entrance and got stopped in line.

They passed around a clipboard with a waver on it and we signed our lives away (because obviously!) When you see everything that could happen to you on that piece of paper you think for a few minutes and then tell yourself you didn’t come all this way to chicken out. When you arrive, you are waiting in line outside of the building. They take groups of 10 people at a time into the museum for the tours. You would think standing outside in the Vegas heat would be a bad thing after all we waited over an hour. However, Zak thought of just about everything when it comes to this museum there are misters that run the length of the line so you stay cool while you anticipate what horror is to come inside the building.

After an hour of waiting in line for our group to get in, you walk into the main entrance of the building and here is where you will find the ticket counter and a few cool artifacts that you can take pictures of. Take advantage of this, you won’t be able to take any photo or video throughout the tour or use your cell phones at all. You also will want to get a drink and use restrooms while in the lobby area because if you have to leave the tour for any reason the staff did say you may not get back on the tour. After about 15 minutes in the lobby we are able to begin the tour. They take the group back outside and around the back of the mansion to another door.

We begin in one of Zaks artifacts rooms surrounded by real human skulls and other occult objects Zak has collected throughout the years. The museum does take advantage of a few jump scare opportunities but I will leave that to you to find out! From here you go room to room looking at different artifacts and things Zak has collected over the years.We had a great time at the museum. The artifacts that Zak has accumulated over the years and added to the museum is fascinating to see!

That being said, we were disappointed with how rushed the tour was. We spent very little time in each room and sometimes the staff took you out before everyone was able to see what we were looking at. I would recommend going and experiencing the museum, don’t expect to be able to see everything and be prepared to be rushed.